Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling
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Pre-marital, significant partner and marriage counseling

Couples counseling is one of the most effective, rewarding counseling experiences that we offer. If you feel like your most significant relationship is more difficult than it's worth sometimes, or if you're simply looking for help with communication or conflict resolution, couples counseling might be a good idea for you and your partner.

Our counselors use techniques from a well-researched modality called the Gottman Method. John and Julie Gottman are at the forefront of couples therapy, providing thorough assessments and tried and true interventions to help couples increase healthy communication, move past gridlock and learn to compromise as they connect with one another. They base their work on the essential components of healthy relationships, which they call The Sound Relationship House theory:

To learn more about this method and improve your relationship with your partner, maybe it's time to invest in couples counseling. Changing your relationship for the better can improve all the other areas of your life. When you feel known and connected to your partner, you can take on anything.