Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling
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One-on-one sessions to address individual needs for growth and healing

Have you ever struggled with loneliness? What about the sense that you're on your own to deal with the hardships in your life? Individual counseling can be the first step towards comfort for such feelings; instead of working so hard on your own to make things better, you get to partner with a counselor that will walk side by side with you into the hardships of your life, offering you care and guidance.

There's something pretty amazing that often happens in one-on-one counseling - it's called "emotionally corrective experiences." This means simply that your counselor will provide positive emotional experiences in your relationship that help to "correct" negative emotional experiences you've experienced in other relationships. You will experience kindness, compassion and attunement in ways that may be few and far between in other relationships.

The individual counseling we offer is also "client-directed." This means that each of our counselors spends the first session listening to your story, asking reflective questions, and gathering information to understand clearly what YOU want from the counseling process. As counseling progresses, your counselor will continue checking in with you about the direction you're moving and your hopes and dreams for your life. Our goal is for you to be in charge of the process, while we provide empathy and guidance to help you grow and change.

If this sounds like the kind of counseling you're looking for, please reach out to our office today and make an appointment for individual counseling.