Enneagram Coaching and Inner Work

Enneagram Coaching and Inner Work

What is the Enneagram? It is an ancient system that has been most recently used as a personality system, a map detailing the thoughts, feelings, behaviors and motivations of all people, organized into nine types and 27 subtypes. Read on to learn how the Enneagram is used to gain insight and achieve personal growth.

CP Enneagram Typing Interviews and Growth Path Progress

Through CP Enneagram, our counselor Rachel Peterka, LPC has been trained in an interview method designed to help those who feel that they don't quite fit within any of the descriptions they've read. To start the process, you will complete a detailed interview with Rachel to learn your correct Enneagram type and subtype. This is followed by identifying which assessment areas you find are causing the most struggle in your life, whether it be your dominant instinct, your passion or fixation, the influence of past wounds or the need for more emotional regulation skills. Once these assessment factors are identified, you will be led through insightful and rewarding growth work to move up the levels of awareness and enjoy a fuller, richer life, the way it was meant to be. While our other counselors have not been specifically trained in the Enneagram, they enjoy drawing from its wisdom to increase insight and understanding with their clients.

Are the Enneagram and Christianity compatible?

Yes they are!! Despite many rumors in Christian circles about nefarious or even demonic beginnings, there is no evidence that the Enneagram is rooted in anti-Christian sources. It has been traced back to ancient Egypt, as well as the possibility that even the author of the Odyssey had knowledge of the nine typologies when he orally shared the journey of Odysseus. There have been various students and teachers of the Enneagram over the centuries that have claimed to be given insight through techniques such as "automatic writing" and "spirit guides," but there is no evidence that this has actually occurred nor any specific recordings of such happenings.

However, even if there were followers who employed pagan uses for the Enneagram, it does not mean that the Enneagram as a personality system is evil or that it shouldn't be thoughtfully used. For example, our modern day Christmas tree has a history of numerous pagan practices starting in the 4th century, using trees to symbolize fertility and everlasting life, luck with farming practices, and was even involved in worshipping the gods of ancient Egypt and Rome. Today, it is embraced almost universally by Christians as an essential decoration at Christmas time. We want to invite you to consider applying the wisdom from the Enneagram to your life as a Christian, much as you would apply counseling or psychology practices to personal growth. Please reach out to our office if you are ready to start applying the wisdom of the Enneagram to your growth journey.